Design by Anton Björsing

Trayo (2019) tray table has been designed with a firm focus on function and user-friendliness – a small table that is easy to serve from, to lift, to roll and to take with you. While the design owes much to that of a classic tray table, Trayo offers more functions and is manufactured in other materials – metal that contrasts with the wood’s warm round shapes.

Trayo comes in two sizes: 400 mm diameter/height 450 mm and 500 mm diameter/height 520 mm. The table’s unique feature is the opportunities it offers to combine the wooden ring, the tray and the metal frame in different ways.

The wooden rings are available in compression-moulded oak or ash, standard stains on ash and white-glazed oak or ash. The round trays are in MDF, veneered with oak or ash, with black and white laminated finishes, in standard colors, standard stains on ash, or white-glazed oak or ash. The metal frame comes in a matt chrome finish or lacquered in our standard colors.

Optional extras: concealed castors that can be fitted to the lower tray, and handles wrapped in black or brown leather from Tärnsjö. The table is delivered assembled.

Trayo has been designed and constructed to be easily moved in everyday situations. Use it as a side table next to the sofa, as an extra table or for serving food on the patio when the weather permits. The loose tray is ideal for fetching more snacks or drinks from the kitchen when the need arises.