Handmade in Huskvarna. Since 1898.

Welcome to Karl Andersson & Söner. We produce quality furniture and design furniture since 1898. Together with talented designers we make "durable and sustainable" tables, chairs, cabinets, storages, magazine racks, display systems, coat racks, sound absorbers in the best Scandinavian design for personal homes and public spaces. And everything is manufactured in Huskvarna since four generations.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2020 Karl Andersson Söner

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New Products 2020 Karl Andersson Söner

New Products 2020  

What does sustainable mean Karl Andersson Söner

What does sustainable mean  

Anton Björsing Puddle Trayo Upper Karl Andersson Söner

Designer in focus Anton Björsing  

Regionens Hus i Skövde Press folding table Cap pedestal table Trippo shelf Karl Andersson Söner

REFERENS Regionens Hus Skövde  

Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar Pedestal table Cap Karl Andersson Söner

REFERENS Linnéuniversitetet Kalmar   

Holmen Cavetto storage Shell stool Magazine holder Svall Folding table Press Press Karl Andersson Söner