Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is guidelines for how we as a company conduct our business in an ethically, socially and or environmentally correct manner. Our products are manufactured under good working conditions with requirements and guidelines for the working environment, prohibition of child labor, fire safety, working hours, wages and freedom of association.

A trustworthy company.

All production of wooden furniture takes place within our own factory in Huskvarna where we have common values. All our suppliers must share these values and comply with all laws and regulations in the country in which they operate. Our customers and stakeholders must see Karl Andersson & Söner as a reliable and honest company that always lives up to its commitments. We strives for long-term business relationships as a basis for creating customer value and being a safe and developing workplace. Our Code of Conduct is known as a natural part in the collaboration with our suppliers and they shall in turn pass on corresponding requirements down in their supply chains.