Karl Andersson & Söner today

"Only make durable and sustainable furniture" was the words Dad's grandfather, the carpentry master Karl Andersson, said as early as 1898. With that in mind, we still make our quality furniture and design furniture. And everything is done in Huskvarna. Still today.

Welcome to our factory!

We are the fourth generation that honors our sustainable legacy. Therefore our business concept is much the same as our father's grandfather Karl Andersson formulated in 1898. Even then he used the word "sustainable". It is a word that in our time has been given a wider meaning and is used as an environmental statement. We have had that word in our business concept for over 100 years and for us it means that we conserve resources, are environmentally sound and that our products will last for several decades. So we have always done.

Working with renowned designers and using wood as our principal material, our ambition is to develop high-class furniture with a strong identitiy and a unique character that outlives fleeting trends. In that way we can continue to develop and produce furniture that has that little extra and that speaks for itself.

We intend to continue to be the little admirable company in Huskvarna which produces well-made furniture in our own factory for another hundred years. Here you will find classic designs that we have been producing for decades, alongside totally new furniture in innovative idioms. But they all share one thing in common - they are Swedish classics of the highest quality and sustainability designed to survive generations of use and wear.

Maria, Sara och Andreas Wadskog