Locally produced furniture is better for the environment than those produced in low-cost countries. Our quality furniture and designer furniture is resource-efficient manufactured in Huskvarna with as few transports as possible. And they are durable and sustainable which means that they can be used for generations to come.

Sustainable since 1898.

When Master Cabinet-maker Karl Andersson started his company and began to produce "well-made furniture, durable and sustainable" over hundred years ago, he wasthrifty with resources. He did everything at home in the factory by wood that came from the neighborhood and with as little waste as possible. He made solid wood furniturethat would last for generations. Sustainability was a natural part of his everyday work.

We still think that way, four generations later. Our factory is driven by lean production with as few shipments as possible and sustainability as a core value. Still, we manufacture well-made furniture that will last for several generations. All manufacturing is done in our factory in Huskvarna, Sweden. Here we are more than 30 people that work every day with making well-made furniture - with as little waste as possible.