Anton Björsing

Designed products

Anton Björsing born 1983 is educated in furniture craft and design at Stenebyskolan and Carl Malmsten Furniture Studies in Stockholm, where he graduated in 2012. He has also studied interior architecture at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Today, he works in his childhood town of Landskrona, mainly with interior design, product and furniture design for domestic and public environments. As a designer, he enjoys working wide and has an open mind and be curious about new materials and areas. Inspiration may be from experience, complex manufacturing process to a situation or needs. Or maybe you start from a specific material. Having attention to ordinary things in everyday life is often inspiring in itself. Anton designed the coffee table Puddle 2017 for Karl Andersson & Söner. During year 2019 the cabinet Upper and sofa table Trayo were showned at Stockholm Furniture Fair for the first time. Seating Ondulé, sofa and easy chair with low and high back were presented 2022. In 2024, a sibling to Ondulé was presented - it became a pretty sofa and armchair with the name Ondulé Club.