Design by Axel Bjurström


How do I fold the table? Look at the film.

Rollo (2021) is a sturdy, stable mobile folding table that is simple to fold up and roll away. The underlying idea has been to create a functional, flexible folding table for public spaces without compromising on form or aesthetic appeal. Rollo is a table that one person can handle unaided – easy to move, easy to erect, easy to fold up, yet robust enough and stable enough to cope with all the strains and stresses that a folding table is subjected to during a long lifetime.

Rollo folding tables comes in rectangulare, round and semi-circular shapes.

Rollo consists of rectangular, round, semi-round and trapezoidal folding tables or shapes as requested. All tables are available in height 730 and 900 mm. Rollo has a wooden table top with carefully crafted features that help create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The organic qualities of the wood are complemented by thoughtfully designed steel fittings that provide a functional solution for opening and folding the table. A spring-loaded construction ensures that Rollo opens easily with a two-handed grip, providing the maximum space for chairs with arms while also ensuring that the table cannot fold up accidentally. The tabletop is carefully balanced so that it is always perfectly level when unfolded. When folded, tables can be placed close together and stacked side by side.

The tabletop is made of veneered MDF, finished in oak, ash, birch, standard stains on ash, or white glaze on oak or ash. The centre beam and ends are of solid wood in the same finish as the top. The straight edge of the table top will be the same finish as beam and ends. Table legs terminate in a metal foot with a finely textured powder lacquer finish in white (RAL 9016), black (RAL 9005) or grey (RAL9006/07). Each table is fitted with four black wheels that can be locked in place.

Link fittings, table aprons and various electric outlets are available as optional extras. Tables equipped with electric outlets have cable ducts with a wooden finish, so cables can be kept in place under the tabletop when the table is folded for storage.

The table is supplied unassembled. The leg frames are to be fitted to the central beam. If required, the table can be easily dismantled into its component parts using only simple hand tools.