KA72 50 years

published  2/18/2022

KA72 1972-2022
Design Göran Malmvall

We have a bookshelf for books, but how do we store the exclusive tableware, silver collection and ornaments? It should be dust-free and the cabinet should be able to be used as a solitary unit but also be able to be built together into a storage wall – How do we solve that?” the Malmvall brothers asked themselves. The sons to the founder Karl Andersson.

In connection with Karl Andersson & Söner’s 75th anniversary in 1973, the cabinet became the main number at Stockholm’s Furniture Fair and showroom Studio B3 in Stockholm It took a few years before KA72 got its real breakthrough and became a sales success. Lucily, they had patience at the time, so they let the time wait until the cabinet started to selling. After another ten years, the cabinet was developed with even more variants, colors and woods. The rest is history.

Enjoy reading the history about KA72 and the designer Göran Malmvall in the below link.