Press Information about new products 2022

published  2/10/2022

In the link below, we present this year's new products from Karl Andersson & Söner. As tradition dictates, we do it week six, when the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair is usually the place where we show our products in real life for the first time.
Now you can instead come and see our products at Studio B3, Barnhusgatan 3 in Stockholm, Monday-Friday 09-16.30.
In our exhibition at Rosendalagatan 6 in Huskvarna, Monday-Friday 08-16. Here you can also take the opportunity to take a tour of the factory. From week 9, the new products are also available at Studio L6, Lasarettsgatan 6 in Gothenburg, Monday-Friday 10-16.

High-resolution images are available for download in the press release. Questions are answered by Sara Wadskog, Marketing Manager, at 0705-90 34 39 or