Design by Kauppi & Kauppi

It was while they were on a sailing trip to the Danish island of Læsø that Johan and Nina Kauppi found the inspiration to create a generously proportioned seating solution that can be shared by several people – creating that special feeling of cosiness and conviviality that the Danes call ‘hygge’. Hygge (2020) is a family of seating ‘islands’, which use the same frame design and cushion, yet create highly individual variations depending on the accessories with which they are combined.

By choosing a leg frame with armrests, a small round table or a long rectangular table, you can vary the expression and practical function of each unit. The solid wooden frame comes in oak or ash, finished with standard stains on ash, or white glaze on oak and ash. Cold-cured foam cushions are covered in a choice of fabric or leather, and changing the covers is easy. Accessories includes a USB charger which can be placed alongside the legs. Hygge is supplied assembled, with adjustment screws under the feet. Hygge offers a pleasant setting in which to relax and take a break in lounges and hotel lobbies. Individually or in family groups these seating islands are ideal as freestanding seats in a wide variety of rooms and public spaces.