Peel NEWS 2024!

Design by Joel Karlsson


Peel Peel table top up-and-down

Peel (2024) – the flexible pillar-folding table is just as appealing when standing up as it is down. That was Joel's basic idea. He has always had a good eye for Gustavian folding pillar tables. When Joel was commissioned to design a pillar table that would be flexible and also foldable, he finally got the chance to create a functional, durable and updated 21st century Gustavian folding table.

Peel is available in heights of 550, 730, 900 and 1050 mm. The tabletop comes square in size 600x600 and round diam 600 or 700 mm. The standard is a tabletop in veneered MDF of oak, ash, standard stains, white-pigmented oak and ash. Laminate (white, black, oak, ash) and black desktop. The tabletop can also be obtained in solid wood for an additional charge. The pillar, which has a steel core, and foot is in solid wood and provided with a felt floor protections.

The black folding mechanism, in recyclad aluminium with handle in plastic, is mounted under the tabletop. The tabletop is easily folded by pulling out an easily accessible handle in the mechanism. The tables are stored upright with the top folded down and the column base is brought together. For other designs upon request. Peel is delivered assembled. If necessary, the tabletop, folding mechanism and column can be easily dismantled with simple hand tools.

Peel is the perfect pillar table to gather around for short or long meetings, eating or drinking, both sitting or standing. It fits just as well in permanent environments as in premises that often need to change appearance. Peel is easy to fold, move and stow away. A single person can easily handle the table as it weighs no more than 8-12 kg depending on the size.