Design by Olle Salmonsson


Longer, shorter and stackable Kanecct

The Kanecct (2017) table system consists of tables with leg frames and connecting tabletops between the tables. The tables can be handled easily by just one person. Kanecct is ideal where flexibility is key. A room can quickly be transformed from being furnished with individual tables to being furnished with one long table – or from offering maximum seating to no seating at all. The tables can be stacked on top of each other to free up floor space.

Store connecting tabletops on a trolley or hang them on the wall.

The tables come in a width of 700 mm and lengths of 600, 700 and 1250 mm. Legs come in white or black powder coated steel. Connecting tabletops come in a width of 700 mm and in lengths of 700, 1250 and 1850 mm. All tabletops and connecting tabletops are made of framed construction with tops in veneers of oak, birch or ash, standard stains on ash and white glazed oak or ash. Tops are also available in laminate (white, black, oak, birch or ash) and black desktop. The underside of each table includes a sound-absorbent pad, stacking and saftey cover.