Design by Joel Karlsson

Ridå (2010), is a magazine rack, a brochure stand, a mirror, a writing board – or a combination of all these functions. Ridå contributes to creating a cosy feeling with its pockets in pressed felt – light grey or anthracite – that helps to absorb and reduce background noise. The magazines or brochures peep out from behind the textile panels like faces from behind a curtain.

Ridå is available in oak, birch, standard colors and white glazed oak. Choose a wooden back panel, felt pockets in light grey or anthracite, mirror, whiteboard or a noticeboard covered in Comfort fabric from supplier Gabriel, as special. All back panels are magnetic. Ridå for wall mounting comes in heights of 742 mm and 1451 mm and in widths of 371 mm and 742 mm. The 371 mm wide version hangs either vertically or horizontally on a metal suspension strip.