Design by Sanna Lindström

Sanna Lindström came to Karl Andersson & Söner to do her thesis on Carl Malmsten School. She made an open shelf / room divider, which consisted of a number of identical units. By self-stacking in different ways, you could get a variety of heights and shapes. In the development process the shelf got more sections, pivotal support and base and top panel. In 2009 the production started. Sign is a highly flexible and varied shelf that can be used as storage for books and binders, as a TV or shoe rack or as a room divider in homes or offices.

The shelf unit consists of a base, add-on sections and a top panel. They are assembled with invisible metal pins, making it easy to self-assemble and take apart and thus adapt Signed to new needs. When an add-on section is used as a top panel the hole fitted with a visible metal pin. The base has adjustable screws. Please note: combinations higher than 1500 mm must be fixed to the wall using the wall anchor supplied.