Hannes Åström

Designed products

Hannes Åström (1983), is a designer and product developer based in Stockholm with roots in Blekinge in the south of Sweden. Hannes has a bachelor's degree in furniture design from Malmstens Linköping University and a master's degree in design and product development from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His vision is to create functional furniture and products, where the form takes into account all of the users of the object, its context and our time with its challenges.

In the spring of 2020, Hannes did his master's thesis at Malmstens Linköping University. He was then commissioned by Karl Andersson & Söner to design a wooden seating furniture system, which could create different shapes and be adapted to the specific conditions of a room. Hannes wanted to give the furniture a calm expression with horizontally winding lines like a meander, a river that eats its way through the landscape. Hence the name. Meander was presented in 2021.