Nestor Campos

Designed products

Nestor Campos is a Spanish architect, designer and artist born in Granada (1983) in Spain. He grew up surrounded by the cheerfulness, verve and duality of the Spanish passion. After getting a Master degree in Architecture (2007), he moved to Germany where he learned the art of planning and efficiency. His restless heart led him, years later to Sweden, where he studied Industrial Design (2012). Nestor Campos runs his own multidisciplinary studio in Sweden since 2014, with focus on Architecture, Interior Design, Furniture, Lighting and Sculpture. Enhanced by Scandinavia, he early treasured the love for nature, honest materials, temperance and simplicity. His work has been shown in international fairs in Milan, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London and Berlin. In 2020, the coffee table Terenne was presented by Karl Andersson & Söner.