Jesper Ståhl

Designed products

Jesper Ståhl (1969) is a freelance designer, where Småland creativity meets a Master of Design from the Royal College of Art in London. He works in his company, Jesper Design and passionate close dialogues. He has, in his diverse product ranges, collaborations with some of Scandinavia's recognized brands. His work has received much attention with awards, both nationally and internationally. Jesper's design is characterized by a separate and distinct story, focusing on the product's use, consistent implementation with attention to the small details, and the quest for a stripped-down simplicity of its expression. With his own words: "The design meets what may be perceived as opposites; Technology and feelings, the analytical and the creative, precision meets intuition." The table Bouquet is designed for Karl Andersson & Söner and was presented in 2016 at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.