ELL NEWS 2021!

Design by Lasse Pettersson



Lasse is one of the designers behind the Front storage and display system that uses horizontal ledges with a milled glass front. In contrast ELL (2021) magazine rack has a vertical design that incorporates a more transparent display function. The slight gap between the wall and the glass, fitted securely into the side of a vertical, solid wood suspension rail, creates the impression that the material on display is “hovering” on the wall.

ELL comes in one width and four heights. The wooden suspension strip is available in solid oak, birch, ash, standard stains on ash, or white glaze on oak or ash. It is secured to the wall with concealed keyhole fittings and the 6 mm clear glass shelf is screwed in place on the wooden rail. ELL is the ideal solution in all sorts of environments where a simple, stylish magazine rack is needed. Single sheets of paper, brochures and magazines can be placed at different heights on the glass panels that are each slightly inclined towards the wall behind.